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World-Wide Outreach Ministry

Ministry Leaders: Pastor and Elders

 Abundant Harvest Church Outreach Ministry:

. . .  REACH the unreached,  TEACH the untaught,  GATHER in God’s harvest,  

DEMONSTRATE the power of God. . .

Reaching out to the World!

Abundant Harvest Supports Ministries in the U.S. and around the world!


Outreach Ministry– Looks for opportunities to reach out beyond the weekly worship services to proclaim Jesus as Lord to the community of which we serve. Reaches out to those in need to show them the love of Jesus and point them to salvation.


Outreach Ministry Leader:  The Outreach TEAM is primarily led by the Pastor and Elders of the Ministry.  Together they seek opportunities in the community to reach the lost. Church leaders work effectively work with the team to find new ways to reach the people of Sumpter, Belleville, Ypsilanti and the surrounding areas.


How we have helped.

COGIC Outreach in Haiti - Missionary Dollie Milfort

Afro Panorama Mission in Africa

Outreach to Christians in China, Hong Kong & Australia
Outreach to inner city ministries

Lending a hand to families in grief
Supporting missionaries in Indonesia

World Vision Clothing ministries
Save Africa’s Children

Purchased a car for an African minister who walked miles to villages
Youth Programs in Washtenaw County & provide volunteer opportunities

Feeding the hungry in Sumpter, Michigan, the USA and around the  World

Family assistance in crisis and the loss of loved ones
Scholarships to college bound students

Providing personal care kits to people in shelters
Providing for families who suffer loss due to disasters.

Returning Jews to their homeland
Relief funds for the Tsunami

Building wells & water systems in Africa
Supporting those devastated by Katrina

Housing for the poor in Nicaragua
Helping the widows, fatherless and single mothers

Personal Hygiene items for Haiti Mission Trips
Financial support for Missionaries in Mozambique


  April 2020  
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