In Memory of Patricia Hoskins

Sister Patricia Ann Hoskins

Born in Detroit on August 19, 1958, Patricia joined the  Abundant Harvest Church family in 2018.  As much as her health allowed, she was faithful to services and events.  She enjoyed being a part of the church family and contributed in her own way.  Patricia is soft spoken and kind.  She loved to participate on fellowship Sundays and shared in the conversation with members of the church.  She loved to cook food and often offered to make "green beans" for the big church events. 

Patricia really wanted to be baptized but was ill on the day the baptism took place.  She had planned to be baptized again soon and we were prepared to do so.  Unfortunately, she passed away before she could take that next step in her Christian journey.  Patricia was finally baptized (got her  new beginning) when she went to be with the Lord on August 15, 2019,forever in that great kingdom of God.  We believe that the rain of God's Holy Spirit showered and baptized her as she entered into heaven.  Patricia, although we only knew you for a short time, we know that God knows you best and he has welcomed you home.