In Memory of Herman Mitchell

Brother Herman Mitchell

Brother Herman Mitchell was born and raised in Ann Arbor. He attended the Ann Arbor Public Schools and was a member of Laborers Local 499. Brother Herman was a faithful member of Abundant Harvest Church along with his wife, Yvette, only son LaMont and sister Carol.  Prior to her death, his mom, Mother Lena Mitchell favored us with her presence at Abundant Harvest often.  As the leader of the transportation ministry, for more than two years Herman transported children to Sunday School and church.  These young children's lives were changed because of his dedication and sacrifice of time.  He was a loving husband, father, brother, son and friend.  His sister Debby is a beloved friend of the AHC family.

Brother Herman was well-known in his community as a caring individual who loved to help others.  He was very active in Ann Arbor community civic affairs. Herman died unexpectantly on Tuesday, April 25,2006. His infectious smile and love of people will always be remembered.  

A Herman Mitchell Memorial Scholarship has been established by Abundant Harvest Church to honor his memory to encourage young men to further their education.  Members may apply for the scholarship (annual deadline is August 1).  See scholarships.