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 From the book, “What People Ask About The Church,” by Dale A. Robbins  


What is the Church?
2. Why are there so many different churches?
3. How can I tell the difference between a genuine Christian church and a cult?
4. What is the mission of the church?
5. What are the greatest challenges for the church?
6. What is the most important characteristic of a church?
7. What is the most important doctrine of the church?
8. How can I select a good church?
9. Does a church's size indicate anything about its spirituality or success?
10. Why do many churches place an emphasis on church growth?
11. Is it necessary to be a member of a particular church to be saved?
12. Why should Christians go to church?
13. Why is it so hard to find a perfect church?
14. Why is there so much dishonesty and immorality among preachers and church leaders?
15. How can I recognize a genuine man of God?
16. Do signs and wonders, which accompany a man's ministry, prove whether he is of God?
17. Can legitimate miracles and wonders be expected to occur in the church today?
18. Why are preachers and ministries always after everybody's money?
19. Why do churches teach people to give a tithe (10%) of everything they earn to God?
20. Why do churches baptize people?
21. What is a fundamentalist Christian?
22. Why are ministers referred to as "Reverend?"
23. Why are some ministers called "Parsons?"
24. Why do so many churches have splits and problems getting along?
25. What things contribute to the health and stability of a church congregation?
26. How should I decide if or when to change churches?
27. What should I do if I'm not getting fed in my church?
28. How can a person keep from getting hurt or injured in a church fellowship?
29. How should disputes and offenses be dealt with between believers in the church fellowship?
30. What is it like to be a pastor of a church?
31. Should ministers receive pay for their ministry?
32. How come a pastor only has to work one day a week?
33. What is a dysfunctional church?
34. What are the qualifications of ministers and pastors?
35. Why have some churches been accused of teaching cannibalism?
36. Why do churches practice the Lord's Supper?
37. Why are some churches considered nonprofit organizations?
38. Why do many churches have a Constitution and By-laws?
39. Why do some churches require counseling for couples before they will perform a marriage?
40. What is the difference between a Protestant church and a Catholic church?
41. What can I do to be a help to my church?
42. What's the difference between Elders, Bishops and Pastors?
43. What are Deacons?
44. What is church government and why is it necessary?
45. What is a Pentecostal church?
46. What is a Charismatic church?
47. What is an Evangelical church?
48. Why do some churches encourage the use of offering envelopes?
49. Why do many churches use the Bible as their sole source of teaching?
50. Why do many churches use different translations of the Bible?
51. What is a liturgical church?
52. What is an ecumenical church?
53. Why do churches stress the importance of authority?
54. Why do churches teach believers to be accountable to spiritual leadership?
55. Why do some churches believe in washing one another's feet?
56. What do churches mean by references to "traditional values?"
57. Why are there so many hypocrites in the church?
58. Why have some churches turned persons over to Satan?
59. Why do some churches forbid women to be preachers?
60. How did followers of Jesus come to be called Christians?
61. Why do many churches have different ways of worship?
62. Is it true that some churches believe in handling snakes and drinking poison?
63. Why do many churches believe in speaking in tongues?
64. Why do churches hold revivals?
65. Why do many churches have conflicting views about spiritual gifts?
66. How can I help the spiritual climate of my church?
67. Why is the celebration of Christmas considered to be controversial in some churches?
68. Why do many churches oppose Halloween?
69. What qualities do churches look for in the selection of lay leaders and workers?
70. What is meant by the Church Fathers?
71. Why is the term Easter considered to be controversial in some churches?
72. Why do most Christian churches meet on Sunday to worship instead of the Sabbath?
73. What does it mean to call for the elders of the church?
74. Why is a church building sometimes referred to as a "House of Prayer?"
75. Why are most church services based around preaching?