Women of Destiny - Wisdom and the Blessed Life (noted from a Joyce Meyer DVD)

Wisdom and the Blessed Life Part II
Notes from a DVD Teaching by Joyce Meyer


The following notes include scripture references and spiritual truths identified in the teaching Wisdom and the Blessed Life by Joyce Meyer.   These notes include some of my insight as well as biblical interpretation to bring greater clarity to your reading and study.  When the opportunity is presented for a second viewing of this teaching, I strongly encourage you attend.  The spiritual truths identified can shed greater light when watching the DVD teaching.  I trust that every woman who reads these notes be determined to pursue the Lord with a greater passion than the hour before reading.   Be Blessed! ---------Evangelist Mary E Foster, Women of Destiny Team Leader


  • Foolish is defined as being without common sense.  Or, lacking the understanding necessary to deal wisely in the affairs of life. 
  • God has given us wisdom.  Wisdom can be defined as the ability to manage emotions and not be ruled by feelings.  Wisdom is the skillful application of God’s Word that results in one living a victorious life in this present world.   The application of wisdom is critical to a successful life in God.



  • Scripture Reference: Ephesians 4:26  – The Word of God instructs that it is not a sin to be angry.  Anger is an emotion that must be managed properly.  We can be angry and not sin.  God has provided us with the supernatural power to judge wisely in our anger.


  • Repressed or “Stuffed” anger is dangerous.   This is anger that we keep hidden and try to ignore. Scripture Reference: Ephesians 4: 27 - When one remains angry, it leaves an open door for the enemy.  Don’t leave an open door for the enemy. 


  • Don’t be phony about anger.  Be honest and express what made you angry and why you were angry.  This will help to bring to the forefront the area(s) of improvement and growth.


  • Anger expressed wrongly can lead to sin. 


  • Practical Steps for Managing Anger:
    Talk with the Lord about it through prayer
    Pray for the party or parties involved.  Pray God’ Will and not your own desires. 
    Leave the concern with the Lord
    Grow, Mature and Just Get Over It – this requires a commitment to prayer and the practical application of God’s Word. 


  • Two Primary Reasons for Disagreement Among People:
    When one feels he/she is being mistreated
    When one does not get their way
  • Remember the importance of trusting God in disagreement.  Sometimes it’s God’s Will that you not get your own way.  Learn from unfair treatment and learn how to treat others fairly.  It is important to keep doing right and following God’s way no matter what someone else does. 


  • It is important to understand that we should not be upset about little matters that do not make  sense.  Self-reflection question:  What really makes sense?


  • ATM Drive-thru analogy: Just as you drive-thru the ATM to make a deposit at the bank, get into God’s presence and deposit yourself with the Lord.   Allow Him to fill your heart with His Love, Grace and Righteousness and you will improve in your dealings with others. 


  • Scripture Reference: I Peter 4:19 – This scripture provides comfort when you are being treated unfairly.  This reference is also a reminder of our responsibility to continue doing good.


  • Scripture Reference: James 1:19, 20 – This scripture reference identifies key steps in our communication with others.  We are to be:  attentive in our hearing (i.e. good listeners), not quick to formulate an opinion and be talkative, and slow (very careful) to not be easily angered. Our goal as women of faith is to mature to the point that it is almost impossible to get us mad.  Now, that’s MATURITY.


  • Scripture Reference: Proverbs 15:1 – This scripture reference points out the importance of speaking words that do not stir anger. 


  • Procrastination is a Foolish Thing.  Don’t be a procrastinator.  This will hinder you from fulfilling your destiny in God.


  • Scripture Reference: Ecclesiastes 11:4 – This scripture reference identifies that if one waits until all conditions are “right”, one will not sow.  If one does not sow, one will not reap.  Don’t fall into the thought pattern that everything must be perfect before I can begin this or that.


  • Procrastinators live under the false assumption that all conditions must be right in order to accomplish a goal, task or assignment.   Those who live under this assumption end up not accomplishing anything.  Instead, their legacy consists of much unfinished work.


  • Scripture Reference: Hebrews 11:6  - Why does God require us to do the seemingly impossible?  God requires FAITH. 



  • Scripture Reference: Acts 2:42 -  This scripture reference points to the importance of Christian fellowship and the value of formulating relationships with other women of faith especially women in our local church.  We have part with one another when we fellowship and it gives the opportunity to develop meaningful, Christ-centered relationships.   Be a person of action. Be willing to extend yourself in developing Christ-centered relationships.


  • Stay away from and do not indulge in foolish, sinful, or corrupt talk.  You will have healthy relationships and garner the trust of others when you follow this principle. 


  • Scripture Reference: Ecclesiastes 5:2 - Keep your word.  Be not rash in your communication or quick with making commitments.   Do not fall into committing to do something and not following through.  Don’t be quick with making commitments.  God considers our word as a contract.  Keep your words few. 


  • Scripture Reference: Proverbs 5:1 – 8 -  The deception of adultery.  The wise answer to any temptation is NO.


  • Sweet Woman of God, do not present yourself as a temptation.  This includes:
    * Using common sense with how you sit in a chair.  If you are sitting in a chair and wearing a skirt or dress, place a covering or handkerchief of noticeable size to cover your legs.  We should sit in a decent manner.   Joyce Meyer indicated that her staff had to provide a covering for some of the women sitting in the front because their skirts were too short.
    * If your top is low cut, place your hand over your top when bending.  You don’t want anyone to see underneath your top. 
  • Scripture Reference:  Proverbs 5: 15, 16 – This scripture reference points to the importance of keeping our marital commitment.  Vow to keep our marital relationship right.
  • Scripture Reference: Proverbs 6: 27 – 32 – Adultery does not go unpunished.  One who indulges in adultery will be tortured with evil consequences.  Stay away from the smooth talker, truce breaker and liar.  They are only in to bring destruction.  If one has been forgiven of adultery, praise God and follow the principles of Proverbs Chapter 5 and 6 and not fall again.




  • Avoid the foolishness of mediocrity.  Mediocre is defined as average to low in quality. Average people do not make history.  The few people who are mentioned in the hallmark of faith (i.e. Hebrews 11:4-32), were not average. 
  • Make a decision that will alter your destiny:

Be Excellent

Do your best.Do the best you can do and give your assignment your all.

  • Scripture Reference: Genesis 11:31 – Terah, the father of Abraham set out for Canaan but he settled in Haran.  He did not complete the journey.    
  • Scripture Reference: Genesis 12: 1 – 2 – This scripture reference shows God’s promise to Abraham for obedience.  Abraham was blessed because he believed and obeyed God.  Don’t settle as Terah, the father of Abraham.  Be willing to go further and be all God has destined and God will bless you.
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