AT a recent Women of Destiny meeting, we focused on the importance and value of speaking words that minister life.   We concluded our five-month lesson series titled The Power of a Praying Woman based on the book written by Stormie OMartian.  In Chapter 26 of The Power of a Praying Woman, the author stresses the significance of speaking and ministering words that bring life to others.  She points out that we can minister life to others by carefully choosing our words in speech and committing to fill our hearts with daily reading and meditation on God’s Word.   The Word of God must be a priority in our lives.  Let’s briefly examine the life of the Old Testament prophet Joshua, the son of Nun.  Joshua was the successor of Moses.  God gave Joshua the task of leading the next generation of Israelites to the land of promise.  Joshua could reflect on the example of Moses for practical leadership  and management, but he needed the Lord’s wisdom and power to accomplish the task.   The Lord instructed Joshua, “This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success [Joshua 1:8, KJV].”   The instruction the Lord gave to Joshua is relevant and applicable to our walk of faith.   God has promised that our life of faith will be prosperous and successful when we speak and meditate on His Word. 

When the Word of God is planted in our hearts, we live in victory in spite of changing circumstances.  Think about it.  We are living in times in which words are being used to usher death and destruction and foster malicious acts of violence. Words are being used to distract people from seeking the heart of God and hinder them from receiving the blessings God has purposed.  As women of faith, we help with advancing God’s Kingdom when we speak words that minister life.  Not only are we strengthened in our faith but the lives of others are impacted when we minister words that bring life.  One may ask, what benefit will speaking words of life bring?  The benefits are profitable in this life and the life to come in Heaven.  In this temporal life here on earth, when we speak words that minister life, we become powerful women of God who effectively minister to the varying needs of humanity, administer the healing power of Christ, perform mighty miracles and strengthen our family units.  Yes, even the spiritual health of our family is determined by the words we speak.   

In the life to come in Heaven, we will enjoy the beauty of our omniscient Lord unveiling more of the eternal mysteries of His Word.  The unveiling of His mysteries is endless. Jesus declares, “The Words that I speak unto you, they are spirit and they are life [St. John 6:63b, KJV].” The Words of Jesus are rich and when spoken in faith will dispel darkness.  Darkness that was brought into one’s life based on ungodly experiences loses the power to adversely affect one’s life when God’s Word enters.  The Word declares, “The entrance of thy Words giveth light [Psa. 119:130a, KJV].” We must allow the Word of the Lord to enter our heart daily through reading or meditation.  His Word gives light.  We become ‘Lighted Women of God’ when His Word continues to enter.  Find time for His Word.  Just as we schedule appointments to place a definitive measure on our time, we must set aside time for reading His Word.  I find that a daily devotional is one way to schedule time to read His Word.   And, if you are an over-achiever, stay a day or two ahead in your daily devotional.  One practical method to consider for meditation is to spend quiet moments resting in the presence of the Lord while listening to soft instrumental worship music.  This will help clear the mind from a busy day and provide an atmosphere to focus on the Lord.  Reading and meditation on God’s Word coupled with a consistent prayer life will place a lasting imprint on the heart and you will speak words that minister life.  If you were encouraged by this written message, we invite you to check this website for future Women of Destiny meeting dates.  You are welcomed to join us as we encourage one another in the Christian faith.  May God bless you abundantly as you endeavor to serve Him in sincerity and truth. 


Mary E. Foster
Women of Destiny Team Leader

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  February 2020  
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