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Christian Authors at Abundant Harvest

"The Extraordinary Life of Prayer."

Author: Elder Benjamin Foster (Wife, Mary)

Powerful biblical keys to living a radical life of prayer.  

This book takes the reader through principles Elder Benjamin learned during nearly 17 years of private prayer.  Written in simple language with intermittent practical examples,  this book has something for the novice to the seasoned prayer warrior!  

The book can be purchased in person on Sunday mornings at Abundant Harvest Church following our 11am service or by calling the author, Elder Benjamin Foster at 734-645-1809.


New Authors in 2017!

Two evangelist at Abundant Harvest Church  debuted their first book this year! Congratulations!

· Mary E. Foster (Husband, Ben): Journey to Divine Purpose  - ISBN 9781539046110

· Monique R. Foster (Husband, Michael): Praise God.  I’m Free!  - ISBN 9780997192902

These ladies are our sisters in Christ. Best wishes and much success. The books are available at online. Search by ISBN number. 



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